In 2015, the Mayor’s Office of Human Services and the Baltimore Homeless Youth Initiative convened community stakeholders to conduct Baltimore City’s first YouthREACH count. YouthREACH MD is a statewide effort to identify unaccompanied youth and young adults under age 25 who are struggling with housing. Youth who are unsheltered, couchsurfing, living in shelters, or are not living with a parent or guardian are eligible to take the survey.  By understanding the number, characteristics, and needs of these youth and young adults, we can improve the services and resources available to support them and create better opportunities for Baltimore’s young people.

This year’s YouthREACH count will take place April 1st through April 14th and data will be collected through online and paper surveys on the street, in schools, and at service provider sites.  Baltimore City’s YouthREACH planning team is committed to partnering with youth and young adults who have experienced homelessness to design and execute this effort.  Loving Arms, Inc. is a site where Youth and Young adults under the age of 25 whom are unsheltered, couchsurfing, living in shelters, or are not living with a parent or legal guardian are eligible to take the survey. Please call us 410-367-5869 for any questions you might have.

Street Outreach Program Launched

Loving Arms Street Outreach Program provides services directly or by collaborating with other agencies. In particular, our street outreach program works closely with other organizations that work to protect and treat young people who have runaway, thrown out of home, been or are at risk of sexual abuse or exploitation. Street outreach services include the following:
• Street-based education and outreach
• Access to emergency shelter
• Survival aid
• Individual assessments
• Treatment and counseling
• Prevention and education activities
• Information and referrals
• Crisis intervention
• Follow-up support
• connection to community services
• basic need supplies (food, clothing, hygiene, first-aid)

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