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Learn About Loving Arms Core Values

Loving Arms Inc core values, purpose and mission statement.

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Our Mission Statement

To empower, awaken and restore hope to children, young adults and their families. With an emphasis on minors, who are runaway, homeless and/or unstably housed, and children that are victims of human trafficking.  We honor dignity in every person who seeks comfort, support or assistance through our programs. In addition, we provide short-term emergency shelter, mentoring, case management and other supportive services that help individuals return to a productive and meaningful life.

We live out our mission through our direct service programs, volunteer efforts and community education. When possible, we participate in advocacy efforts for resources for our members and residents, legislate for laws to protect marginalized people and inform policies that affect funding and regulations for programs serving very poor and traumatized people.

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Our Vision Statement

We believe the community can provide an effective means of intervening and preventing poverty, homelessness and unresolved trauma in the United States by building stronger communities by creating solutions that educate the public, restore hope, and provide help to children, young adults and their families that help them to attain safe, affordable housing, meaningful life activity and a livable income so that they may return to a productive and meaningful life.

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Our Values and Purpose

Our Values

  1. It is essential to serve others with honesty, integrity, empathy, and patience.
  2. Every individual deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.
  3. By providing a non-judgmental environment and access to a comprehensive array of services, we demonstrate our commitment to putting those we serve first.
  4. Hard work and responsibility lead to independence; and Innovation is essential to developing creative solutions that are responsive to the evolving needs of our clients.
  5. Integrity is doing what you know is right to do, no matter who looking or see’s you.  To do right, because it’s just RIGHT.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help restore and prepare children, young adults and families for fulfillment, happiness and success in life through the rigorous and healthy development of intellect, conscience, body, and Soul.  Helping individuals find their way, when they are lost, see when they are blinded by life and hope when they are weary, we help to clear the way.